Struggling to adopt Windows 10 / Windows Server 2012

Take any, otherwise incompatible, application - unchanged, to the latest, supported Windows Operating Systems.

Organizations looking to transition from unsupported environments are increasingly challenged by fundamental incompatibilities between the applications they need and the Microsoft platforms that they wish to adopt.

With Cloudhouse’s Containers, you can complete your platform modernization journey from XP or Windows 7 (32 bit) to Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 10 or Windows Server 2012, with immediate “lift and shift” of applications regardless of whether your app is classic Windows bespoke, or browser-based and irrespective of whether apps are deployed on physical desktops or via Citrix/RDS

Cloudhouse enables any enterprise application to be deployed to the latest Microsoft platforms, and managed using your existing management tools like SCCM, ivanti (LANDESK), scripts or other 3rd party deployment tools. Cloudhouse Containers will register all the integrations required by the application, including file type associations and short cuts so it behaves like a native applicaiton - if required, the application or its runtimes can be isolated.

With Cloudhouse - No Apps Get Left Behind

You’ve invested time, money and effort in developing the applications which are critical to the running of your organization. You want to deliver them on the latest Windows platforms but you face a few problems:

Cloudhouse is able to deploy any complex Windows application, Windows XP only application, or browser based app that depends upon older versions of IE, to Windows 7 and Windows 10, without requiring changes to the application. Take control of your legacy app on Windows 10 without resorting to a complete rebuild.

You can migrate your business’ entire application portfolio to Azure regardless of what version of Windows and/or Internet Explorer your app is tied to, to dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Cloudhouse makes Windows application deployment possible!  Contact us to find out more.


Reliably deploy any Windows based application to supported Windows OS
Reduce on-going IT Infrastructure management costs using Azure