Take your business applications to current, supported, Citrix XenApp / Windows Server

If application incompatibility issues are forcing you to run business-critical applications on unsupported Windows Server or Citrix, or have forced the roll out of applications using VDI when you really wanted to use XenApp, it's time for Cloudhouse!

Our Compatibility Containers, formerly known as Applications Anywhere and verified as Citrix Ready, resolves deployment incompatibilities so that any application with hard-coded dependencies on 32-bit platforms or legacy IE can easily be migrated to run on supported versions of Citrix and Windows Server, and on Internet Explorer 11.  With no source code changes or redevelopment of the application software required, Cloudhouse wraps everything the app requires into our unique container and transports it - no matter how old, how complex or who developed it - to the latest, supported Citrix environments.  

By retiring unsupported Citrix environments, users can slash the costs of application delivery, improve user experience and prepare applications to run in the Cloud.


Once apps are transported to the latest versions of Citrix XenApp, customers can immediately benefit from compatibility with the Citrix Cloud platform and access all the associated benefits and flexibility - without sacrificing management or end user experience. 

Cloudhouse customers are benefitting from:

Customers can immediately benefit from the latest Citrix features and have a secure foundation from which to reap future rewards from Citrix Cloud and XenApp Essentials.

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Run EVERY business critical app ANYWHERE.

If you thought classic business-critical apps can’t make the move, contact us and discuss how we can take EVERY app and allow it to run ANYWHERE.

Frustrated with legacy apps preventing you from moving to a supported version of XenApp or forcing you to deploy VDI?
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