Why I am joining Cloudhouse by Remko Weijnen

Published: Wednesday, July 12 2017
Why I am joining Cloudhouse by Remko Weijnen

When travelling for business I often listen to FrontLine Chatter because I really enjoy hearing how people ended up in our business and what they did previously.

The episode about Mat Clothier and Cloudhouse really caught my attention not only because Application Compatibility and Security have been important focus points for me but even more so because both Andrew Morgan and Jarian Gibson were so excited about the Cloudhouse technology.

When I got back home from my trip I started to research Cloudhouse and their products in more detail and one of the first resources I read was Rory Monaghan’s blog.

Rory describes that while at first glance Cloudhouse Containers has much in common with traditional application virtualization it adds some truly unique capabilities. This includes App-V integration and Compatibility Containers for UWP and Windows Store for Business.

The redirection engine immediately caught my attention as it enables you redirect files, folders, registry and (kernel) objects thereby remediating most, if not all, application compatibility issues.

Cloudhouse Containers

And if that’s not enough it allows you to redirect at the network level. So, no more conflicting ports, no more admins rights required and finally you can migrate to newer and more secure version of Windows, Internet Explorer, Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop etc.

I think that especially in the context of recent malware outbreaks such as WannaCry and (Not)Petya that moving away from older, insecure, version is more important than ever.

I just wish I learned earlier about Cloudhouse containers as for instance the custom built solution I wrote for Google Earth on XenApp, RDSH & Horizon could be fixed with an easy to use product. And not only for Google Earth but for many other applications not working correctly with concurrent usage on Citrix XenApp and similar platforms!

Another question I’ve had numerous times from customers is “Can I run multiple versions of Citrix Receiver concurrently?”. With the redirection engine in Cloudhouse containers this is actually very easy…

Besides awesome technology I was also interested in the people and team behind Cloudhouse and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work with excellent people such as CEO/CTO Mat Clothier and Stuart Moore (who was responsible for XenApp and XenDesktop at Citrix before joining Cloudhouse).

Cloudhouse also have an SAS team (and being a fan of British spy novel author Frederick Forsyth, I liked that term immediately!) to assist customers with the most complex and difficult applications.

Last, but certainly not least I met the engineering team who are working on some great features and enhancements. It was a pleasure to meet Priya Saxena and to learn about ideas and solutions she’s working on.


By Remko Weijnen, EUC Specialist

All in all I am very excited and cannot wait to start for Cloudhouse, work with the team and learn new things while doing it!

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