Videos of Cloudhouse in action

Cloudhouse Containers for Google Earth and Citrix Receiver

Published: Friday, November 3 2017

Videos of Cloudhouse Containers for Google Earth and Citrix Receiver

Over the last few months a couple of our Consultants, Ryan Smith and Tom Parkin have been creating some great videos of Cloudhouse enabling desktop only applications to run on multi-user environment like XenApp, and multiple versions of the same application to run on a single desktop when the application doesn't allow it.

Cloudhouse for Google Earth on XenApp

The first video by Ryan, shows how a Container for Google Earth can run on shared desktops, or as a published app, from XenApp Servers. This is a fantastic example of how Cloudhouse can enable an application to run in a multi user like XenApp, when it was designed to only run on a desktop. Ryan was inspired to create this video after he read Remko’s blog – which had explained how he got this to work after a bit of reverse engineering. Ryan knew that our Container could easily achieve the same thing by configuring HookKernelObject and MutexIsolation features. Check out the video on our product documentation page, which is far more exciting than a legacy application!

Cloudhouse for Citrix Receiver side-by-side with native Receiver


The second video, recorded by Tom Parkin, was put together after he had to package Citrix Receiver into a Container for a financial customer who needed to run two versions of Receiver on a single desktop. Why would a customer want to do this? Usually, a customer would run StoreFront and aggregate all the apps from all their XenApp farms together. The customer still had some apps stuck on their legacy XenApp 4.5 farm because they were incompatible with Server 2012 R2, and before they migrated them with Cloudhouse, they wanted to improve the user experience accessing applications. To do this, they wanted the versions of Receiver for StoreFront and the version for Web Interface to install and run on the same desktop. By putting the old version of Receiver in a Container, they could deploy it on the same desktop as the latest version of Receiver so that users can access all their applications from a single desktop.

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By Stu Moore, Head of Product

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