EuroTax Glass's Case Study

With a history spanning nearly eighty years, Glass’s is the market leader in vehicle valuation and its guides and valuations are used throughout the automotive industry, from car dealers to insurance assessors.

Merging with Eurotax in 2000, the company now operates across 28 countries. GlassMatix’s damage assessment software is used by body shops and collision repairers to ensure accurate and consistent estimates for the repair of vehicles. This information is then provided to insurance companies handling the claim. The data is highly complex, and the method of installing and updating the data was time-consuming. Distributed by DVD to each body shop, the install process took up to half a day and required an engineer to visit to effect the deployment. This situation was exacerbated by the variety of platforms on which the software had to run.

Cloudhouse™ were engaged by GlassMatix and, after a brief evaluation, it was clear that the Cloudhouse technology suite could enable GlassMatix’s software to be run rapidly from the Cloud, with no operator retraining, nor costly re-installs

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