Howell Technology Group (HTG) Commits To Working With Cloudhouse

London, UK. –  June 26, 2018

Cloudhouse compatibility containers enable HTG to migrate customer applications away from unsupported versions of Windows and Citrix

- Howell Technology Group (HTG), a UK-based virtualization, VDI and cloud services specialist, has today announced its commitment to working with Cloudhouse, a leading provider of compatibility container technology, to enable customers to easily migrate applications from legacy versions of Windows and Citrix platforms to current platforms, such as Windows 10.

By offering Cloudhouse containers to its customers, HTG will enable them to run legacy apps on current versions of Windows and Citrix without the need for expensive and time consuming code rewrites. This will also allow their apps to benefit from future security updates or to run in the cloud, extending their lifespan and supporting essential digital transformation projects.

Founded in 2005, HTG is a customer-focused boutique IT consultancy that offers a range of disruptive digital technology solutions utilising best in breed products. This encompasses secure digital workspaces, application containers, cloud solutions, virtualization, networking, IT security and professional services.  

“Being able to provide disruptive digital technology solutions is a key differentiator in business and thanks to our partnership with Cloudhouse we are delighted to be offering these type of services to organisations,” said Graham Wight, CEO at HTG. “We believe in providing the right tools for the job, and will never recommend a solution unless it specifically meets the need of the client. Cloudhouse’s container technology has become an important asset for us and our clients in overcoming application deployment challenges. Legacy IT is a challenge that is only going to get more complex for businesses and IT teams over time, and it is important for us at HTG to be able to work with our clients and mitigate these issues in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.”

“We are excited to continue our work with HTG and enhance the IT services that it can offer to end users in both the public and private sector,” said Gavin Chapman, Chairman at Cloudhouse. “This is a key partnership for Cloudhouse as, with our compatibility container technology and HTG’s expertise in providing IT services, we believe end users can really experience the benefits of moving away from legacy IT. There are always new challenges in this space as what is commonly used in today’s world, won’t be around forever. The next big milestone for this issue will be Windows 7’s end of life and we look forward to working with HTG to help IT teams and organisations move to newer, supported platforms.”

About Cloudhouse

Cloudhouse Containers free enterprises from running unsupported Windows and Citrix platforms by making otherwise incompatible applications run on the newest platforms – whether they run on premise or in the cloud. Apps only need to be packaged once in stateless containers that handle application runtime, isolation, and full redirection. As a result, enterprises can complete Windows 10 or Citrix Cloud migration projects successfully. Cloudhouse is based in London.

About Howell Technology Group

Based in the North East of England, Howell Technology Group (HTG) is a leading IT consultancy. The company specialises in designing solutions and providing bespoke IT consultancy for businesses and organisations through its unique EaaS (Expert as a Service) model. This includes: secure digital workspaces, application services, model digital office, big data and analysis, cloud print solutions and cloud storage. In addition, the company also offers a range of professional services and consultancy for cloud solutions, virtualization, networking and IT security. Established in 2005, Howell Technology Group operates nationally delivering solutions which can be implemented to complement a company’s existing ICT Team or as a fully-managed service.


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