Cloudhouse Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

London UK, 3rd May 2016 – Cloud application virtualization provider, Cloudhouse Technologies, today announced it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance program. Committed to making any classic Windows bespoke, browser-based or desktop application work with Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure, Cloudhouse joins the Enterprise Cloud Alliance to ensure that business critical apps have a future in the cloud.

An exclusive alliance created and managed by Microsoft Corp., the goal of the Enterprise Cloud Alliance is to nurture and grow a strong partner eco-system across a broad set of enterprise cloud products. The intent is that Microsoft and its invited partner community deliver the best-in-breed set of on premise, hosted and public cloud solutions in the industry. The Alliance was formed to promote and support partners providing integrations and extensions to existing Microsoft products.

Mat Clothier, Founder and CTO at Cloudhouse said, “Many business critical apps have been built on legacy systems, have dependencies on outdated operating systems or browsers, which force customers to operate them on ‘end of life’ platforms. Running these business critical apps on outdated systems exposes organizations to unnecessary risk. As an invited Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance member, we offer any organization the immediate “lift & shift of otherwise incompatible apps onto Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure without any re-development or re-coding required.”

Cloudhouse joins the Enterprise Cloud Alliance with its cloud application virtualization solutions Applications Anywhere and Data Anywhere. Applications Anywhere allows organization to take any app, no matter how old, how complex or who developed it, to be deployed in Azure and provisioned for Windows 10 without the need to restructure the coding.

Data Anywhere provides a secure, reliable and accelerated connection between any Windows application and its database, regardless of database location. Data can be stored in Azure, alternative clouds or on premise, depending on the business requirements, offering a flexible solution to companies that operate with sensitive data or those who want to make the transition to the cloud gradually.

“Joining the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance is a natural fit for Cloudhouse as we address a major problem for organizations that want to move to Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure, but cannot overcome app or operating system incompatibilities, in order to protect their existing investment in applications,” concluded Clothier.

To see Cloudhouse in action, register for an upcoming 20 minute web seminar that demonstrates our work with Microsoft. Watch a browser-based application, tied to an earlier version of Internet Explorer, being securely delivered to Windows 10, see multiple versions of different third party plugins – such as Java – existing on a single desktop, with no interoperability issues, amongst other demonstrations.



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Cloudhouse Technologies Limited is reinventing application management for the Microsoft platform. Our technology transports any classic Windows bespoke, browser based or desktop application to Azure. It’s a frictionless approach, with no re-coding of existing software. Release your Windows applications and securely and safely deploy. Anywhere. On any device.

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