Citrix and Cloudhouse – Better Together

The Citrix Ready Program showcases verified products that are trusted to enhance Citrix solutions for mobility, virtualization, networking and cloud platforms.

The Citrix Ready designation is awarded to third-party partners that have met test criteria set by Citrix, and gives customers added confidence in the compatibility of the joint solution offering.

Cloudhouse Technologies have successfully met all of the requirements and have been awarded Citrix Ready status and are now jointly promoting the benefit of this combined proposition to Citrix Service Providers (CSPs).

CSPs - You can on-board your customers faster with Cloudhouse

For a CSP, the Cloudhouse/Citrix proposition can help reduce hosting costs through server consolidation, and decrease time and effort required to manage applications in images and servers.

Cloudhouse’s Applications Anywhere technology enhances the cloud based delivery and management of applications in a way that enables you to streamline application management in XenApp servers and/or images.

Reduce costs, improve service and delight your customers:

  • Reduce the total number of images and XenApp servers required to deliver applications to end users
  • Package once, reuse everywhere, with Cloud based configuration management – no more constant (time consuming) re-packaging or applications required
  • Enable applications that are unsuitable for multi user environments to run on XenApp servers, for example data needs to be secured per user, or per customer


Reduce the number of applications installed in the master image with efficient delivery of applications into XenApp servers using our Citrix Ready agent; either with scripts, or with tools like SCCM. Admins install the push agent into the master image, which enables them to push applications on demand into the servers; all without changing how applications are published to users in Citrix Studio. When application packages are managed centrally, all servers can be updated automatically.

Cloudhouse can reduce, the number of servers required to deliver applications like Sage 50 Accounts by securing the data for customers in a multi-tenant XenApp environment. CSPs can eliminate up to 4/5ths of the servers required to host multiple versions of the software, for multiple customers.

CSPs can easily re-use the packaged applications across departments or companies because they are configured on-the-fly so that they meet needs of each customer, or machine at the point of download.

Examples of this include; configuring license keys per user, or per customer; deploying specific language packs, or office plugins; and configuring an application to use different connection strings depending upon the customer’s SQL Server database.

Finally, managing applications from the Cloud means that Citrix Service Providers are able to offer their customers; a horizontal or vertically aligned catalogue of applications in portal using their own brand, and report application usage and licensing.



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