Cloudhouse sees three-fold revenue growth and expansion into the US

London, UK – October 16, 2018 – Cloudhouse Technologies has seen over 300 per cent growth over the last 12 months, and expanded its business into the US – thanks, in part, to strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon. As it looks to continue its growth and expand its global footprint, Cloudhouse has also appointed Nick Coleman as CTO.

The company, which developed the innovative ‘Compatibility Container’ system, enables organisations to continue using their legacy applications safely and securely on new platforms and within the cloud without any code changes, even when they’re designed to run on unsupported versions of Windows and Citrix.

Our product is uniquely positioned to help clients mitigate risk and move legacy applications to a more cost-effective modern and secure environment.

Nick Coleman,
CTO, Cloudhouse

This is because ‘containerizing’ legacy applications resolves the problems around running 32-bit Windows XP and 7, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and Internet Explorer-based applications on modern secure and supported operating systems and platforms. In addition to reducing the risks associated with unsupported operating systems, using a Container approach also helps eliminate costly Extended Security Update agreements and can help further reduce operating costs by consolidating server infrastructure.

Cloudhouse has recently expanded its operations into the United States and started to build a team in the region. Coleman’s appointment as CTO frees CEO and founder, Mat Clothier, to focus on the company’s growth plans, including those in the US market and other Global markets.

Previously head of application management at Sopra Steria and vice president, technology, at CGI, Coleman brings a wealth of experience in service delivery and of working with customers who rely on Microsoft-based products. He will focus on developing Cloudhouse’s technology offerings, as well as looking at innovative ways to support its growing customer base.

Nick Coleman, CTO, Cloudhouse, said. “Having spent the last 20 years delivering enterprise services, I understand the huge challenges organisations face when it comes to legacy applications. Thanks to our technology, along with strategic relationships with Microsoft, Amazon and Citrix, we're uniquely positioned to help clients mitigate risk and move legacy applications to a more cost-effective modern and secure environment.”

Mat Clothier, CEO and founder, Cloudhouse, said: “This is a key time for Cloudhouse as we continue to grow our customer base and move into the US market. We’ve experienced significant growth as we work to support more organisations and bigger customers to mitigate the issues of legacy operating systems. Nick’s appointment will go a long way to support this momentum, and his experience with Microsoft users and service delivery will boost our offering – and means we can continue to create solutions that help customers use their preferred applications safely and securely, no matter what their age, original operating system or browser specification.”

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