The future of IE dependent apps

Support for Internet Explorer 10 and earlier has been withdrawn in January 2016 – how are you coping?

If cessation of technical support and security updates for anything other than Internet Explorer 11 is causing you issues, we have got some good news. Cloudhouse enables any classic Windows desktop apps, bespoke applications, or web apps tied to older releases of IE, to be deployed onto Windows 10, or Azure, or hybrid Cloud.

Many industries rely on a tried and trusted suite of Classic Windows Applications to empower their end-users. Our patented Cloud Application Virtualization technology is packaged into two products, designed to work separately or in concert. Applications Anywhere virtualizes Windows client applications to remove platform dependencies and to facilitate centralized application management and deployment. Data Anywhere enables the mobility of, and remote access to, databases without impacting the user experience.

The result? Users can continue accessing web applications securely whilst realising all the benefits of a modern desktop. Below is a short video that shows a Classic Windows application running on Windows 10 securely, safely and with all integrations preserved. 

Here you can learn more about how to overcome your Browser Dependency.

To see Cloudhouse in action, or for additional information please email us or call +44 (0) 203 51 51 505