Application Deployment - Simple and Secure

Transfer legacy apps to supported OS and the hybrid Cloud

Are your apps stuck on unsupported operating systems and outdated devices?  
Let Cloudhouse solve this. Our application virtualization software makes it possible to move any bespoke, browser based or desktop application to supported Windows and/or the Cloud without requiring changes to the code. Deliver apps simply and securely.

Our technology “lifts and shifts” applications that are:

We know you need to protect your investment in apps and for them to perform on modern consumer devices and cloud platforms. That’s why we exist – to take your apps to supported Windows platforms and Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop or the Hybrid Cloud with data independence.

Realise the benefits

Reliably deliver applications and access them anytime from anywhere
Eliminate application conflict and deploy to any device
Reduce on-going IT Infrastructure management costs

With Cloudhouse you will be able to:

Using the Cloudhouse technology brings operational efficiencies in deploying and updating our applications, and seamlessly connects the application to our current hospital system.
Shiv Gopalkrishnan, Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare