Give Your Apps A Future

Your apps, where you want them, with no re-coding

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), your business is your app portfolio. You’ve most likely made a significant investment in creating your intellectual property. In fact, many of the largest ISVs have built their business over decades and have a worldwide base of users running their Windows client/server applications.

Your Portfolio is Now Under Threat

Threat from upgrades to Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure that unfortunately most ISVs don’t have the resources (money, staff and time) to re-write their application to support. But they must to stay in business and continue to maintain customers that are increasingly looking to the cloud and SaaS solutions as alternatives.

Cloudhouse Takes Your App to the Cloud

Regardless of device, operating system, browser, app or even where data is stored, when apps are business critical and need to run on Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure, Cloudhouse makes it work. We help you to:

With Cloudhouse you can overcome challenges associated with:

  • Apps that are dependent upon IE 6/7/8/9/10
  • XP fat client apps that have hard coded dependencies on the underlying OS
  • Teams that developed your app and have now left the company, years ago
  • Missing source code
  • A lack of resources to start developing your app again
Avoid complex, legacy migrations

An alternative to ripping and replacing established applications or migrating apps that ‘just won’t work right’ on the latest browser. The result? An app that runs seamlessly regardless of browser.

Protect rich web investments

Cloudhouse protects software investments by allowing established and new applications to operate on updated browsers whether or not it is compatible with the latest version.

Lessen the IT load

IT no longer needs to manage browser dependencies on the user desktop or the server (Server Based Computing). Reduce the amount of time to role out apps (even if standardized browsers).


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