Take your app portfolio to the latest supported platforms

If your app is business critical, it has to run on supported Citrix and Microsoft platforms. But this isn't happening.

Enterprise IT is tasked with application service delivery with the highest levels of reliability and security and at the lowest operational cost. These goals are hard to achieve if application incompatibilities prevent you from adopting the latest platforms from Microsoft and Citrix.

But as you navigate these waters and need to retire unsupported platforms, no doubt you’ve come up against application incompatibilities that prevent adoption of the latest supported Citrix and Windows. Many core applications are dependent on outdated web browsers or have hard coded dependencies on an underlying 32 bit operating system. So you cannot upgrade, you are missing source code, the team that developed the app have left the company or you’re stuck using expensive VDI as a tool just to resolve incompatibilities. The result? You are often firefighting to keep unsupported platforms running, with operational costs escalating and with increasing security vulnerabilities.

Take Your Entire Application Portfolio to Current Supported Citrix and Windows

If these problems sound all too familiar, Cloudhouse can help. Cloudhouse transports any complex Windows application, tied to 32 bit Windows or old Internet Explorer browsers, and requiring old Java or .Net libraries, to Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/16, IE 11 and current Citrix. All of this is achieved without making any changes to the application source code, and all incompatibilities are resolved whilst enabling old and current systems to operate smoothly side by side.

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Reliably deliver applications to supported Microsoft and Citrix platforms
Eliminate application conflict and deploy to any device
Reduce on-going IT Infrastructure management costs using Azure

Regardless of device, operating system, browser dependencies, or even where data is stored, when apps are business critical and need to run on Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure - Cloudhouse makes it work. Applications Anywhere allows any enterprise application to be transported to the latest Microsoft platforms, with all integrations preserved and with no interoperability conflicts.



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