Reliably deliver any Windows based application to the latest platforms

Cloudhouse Containers extends traditional application virtualization by adding: a re-direction engine that brings compatibility with modern infrastructure deployment, workflow to dynamically configure apps as they are deployed onto stateless infrastructure and centralised reporting of application usage across the entire enterprise.

DEPLOYMENT – for Cloudhouse Containers from local storage, to Windows/Citrix infrastructure

Deploy your business applications onto the latest platforms and operating systems using your existing server and desktop management solutions SCCM, ivanti, or scripts. User access and entitlement to applications is managed through Active Directory and published through popular application and desktop solutions like Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and VMware Horizon.

Use Cloudhouse Containers on virtual and physical desktops and servers within secure, and network isolated environments.


  • Integrates with popular management tools;
  • Auto Packager creates Containers reliably using install capture and runtime analysis;
  • Quick package editing;
  • Usage reporting.

CONTAINERS – migrate any business app to supported Windows/Citrix infrastructure

Containers include the App Redirection Engine which provides application compatibility and redirections to enable the containers to overcome the hard-coded dependencies detected during packaging so that apps can run natively on supported Citrix/Windows platforms. Deployment Workflow provides management of runtimes required for the target operating system, configuration state and the layering of configuration information provided by Custom Fields on to the container so that applications can be successfully migrated to the new platforms.

FOR INTERNET EXPLORER old IE apps can be run more securely in IE 11 by managing Enterprise and Compatibility Modes. IE11 compatibility can be managed with Deployment Workflow for multiple and conflicting IE plugins and runtimes like Java; security and browsing controls configured for each tabbed application required by legacy IE applications (even when configurations are conflicting), so that users can be restricted to corporate websites. Browser applications can be presented to users as an application with Browser lockdown controls.

FOR DESKTOP AND SERVER APPS, which are created on the operating system the applications are compatible with - i.e. XP or Server 2003 - Cloudhouse app compatibility can enable them to run on Server 2012R2 or 2016. File, registry and network redirections can be applied to enable desktop applications to run in multi user environments, like XenApp and Remote Desktop Server. The workflow engine can deploy different versions of Java, or .Net runtimes alongside the application without conflicting with versions already installed on the server or desktop.

App Redirection Engine includes:

  • File and registry re-direction;
  • Environment variable re-direction;
  • Network Name/Port/IP/ URL re-direction;
  • Process redirection (mutex/semaphores);
  • Selective isolation;

Deployment Workflow can apply:

  • Application configuration e.g. what database to connect to, URL for web apps;
  • Required runtimes e.g. .Net, Java
  • Manage IE Enterprise /Compatibility Mode;

Support for stateless pool of XenApp/RDS servers