Software Engineer

Full Job Specification

Cloudhouse hates hassle with a passion, especially the tedious or frustratingly complicated headaches that get in the way of delivering software to the users that need it.

here has to be a better way and we reckon we're smart enough to work out how. That's why the company was founded and we will not be stop until hassle has been banished from the world! ....of software at least. If you think you can help us slay this beast then step forward.

Right now we're looking for more phenomenal software engineers/smart creatives. Technically we have some pretty cool problems to solve. We also seem to tackle them from a different angle from our competitors which not only differentiates us as a business but also makes the work fascinating. It may even jar some of your cherished beliefs (in a good way!) We deal with high availability, distributed caching, web technologies, low level hacking, whatever we need to do to make our customers lives as hassle free as possible. So regardless of whether you'd like to immerse yourself in back-end algorithmic magic, web wizardry or low level one and zero shuffling we've got something to challenge you. There's also plenty of opportunities for you to come-up with your own game-changing idea.

The terms "Agile", "Lean" and even "Continuous Deployment" have become buzzwords in our industry, but we strive to actually live up to the values. We'd be lying if we said we're there yet, but we hope with your help we can get much further on that journey.

You'll need ninja C# skills as that's most of our codebase, some SQL and TDD. We also frolic in Windows SDK, Javascript, SASS/SCSS/CSS and C++ so any of that is a blessing but not essential.

To thank you for sharing your awesomeness, we give you:

  • Company stock options
  • Plenty of holiday: The usual 20 days + public holidays but also an extra 3 days for the Christmas period and another day off for your birthday (or day after if that makes more sense!). Not only that but for every year you work here you'll get yet another day off per year, so basically if you work here till you're 200 you won't have to work at all!
  • Boring but ultimately super useful stuff like private medical insurance, contributed pension, life insurance, critical illness insurance and income protection and even ones I've never heard of like Best Doctors, EmployeeCare and a Health and a Wellbeing Advisory Service. Pretty swish.
  • Working hours compatible with having a life.
  • Personal training budget.
  • Travel season ticket loan, bike storage & shower facilities.
  • Permission to put whatever amusing wav or mp3 you like into a folder so it gets played if somebody breaks the build.
  • Super smart and friendly colleagues.
  • Ability to gorge yourself from our well stocked fruit bowl or with sweets, chocolates, ice creams, coffee or from our rather too tempting booze fridge.

Interested? Then get in touch with us by emailing your CV to


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