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Take any classic Windows bespoke, browser based or desktop application to Windows 7 / Windows 10 or Microsoft Azure. Regardless of device, operating system, browser, app or where you store your data, if your app is business critical and needs to run on the latest Microsoft operating system or in the cloud, we make it happen. GET STARTED TODAY - Sign up for a free trial of Applications Anywhere.

Cloudhouse makes it simple

Realize the benefits of Cloudhouse

Benefit from Azure without app migration headaches
Lift and shift to Windows 7 / Windows 10
App dependent on a specific browser? Not anymore!

All Your Apps and Your Data,
Where You Want Them

We live in an imperfect world and unfortunately that means there are incompatibilities and conflicts that exist between applications and the environments in which they run. So we solved that problem for you.

Regardless of device, operating system, browser or app or where you store your data, if your app is business critical and needs to run on the latest Microsoft operating system or cloud, we make it work.

Why us? Customers of all sizes love Cloudhouse

GE Healthcare turned to Cloudhouse to provide a simplified deployment and management of GE's Centricity™ Business application. This "easy-click" deployment removes barriers to adoption for hospital users by reducing rollout time and costs for the initial set-up and software upgrades.
"Using the Cloudhouse technology brings operational efficiencies in deploying and updating our applications, and seamlessly connects the application to our current hospital system."
Shiv Gopalkrishnan, Vice President and General Manager, GE Healthcare

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